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'89 percent of Guyana 's graduate population live and work in the 30 relatively rich countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) -"Fruit that falls far from the tree",
The Economist, 03 November 2005'

It is estimated that there are as many Guyanese living overseas as they are in Guyana
They are spread out far and wide to almost every country on the planet
This blog was created to chronicle the news and and stories of the Diaspora

Friday, January 27, 2006

Mayor and Mayoress


Councillor Jack Saheid is the 88th Mayor of the Borough of Worthing.

Jack Saheid was born in Guyana South America on 7 June 1941. He attended the Golden Fleece Presbyterian Church School in his early years and then the Central High School in Georgetown where he gained 6 ‘O’ level passes.

He emigrated to the UK in 1961 and within months he realised that this was the country he wanted to make his permanent place of abode and duly became a British Citizen in 1967. He is married to Lyla with four daughters and two grand-daughters. He spent the next 30 years building up a small portfolio of properties and businesses and at the same time he attended various colleges, part-time, to further his education. He gained a Certificate in Agriculture from Plumpton College, Road Transport, GCE Law and ‘A’ level Law and an Introduction to the Social Sciences from Northbrook College.

His main job during this period was with British Rail where he was employed from 1961 to 1984. He performed duties in all departments including ticket offices, rosters and diagrams, train running, traffic co-ordination, work study and in the Control Office. Whilst in the Productivity Section, he identified and published safe walking routes for staff at all the stations, goods depots and shunting yards in the Central Division.

He ran a newsagents from 1979 to 1983, farming from 1981 to the present day, sub-postmaster from 1989 to the present day and a residential care home from 1995 to the present day. All the above businesses are managed in conjunction with his wife.

He has been a Public Member of Network Rail from its inception in 2002. He was elected as a Councillor of Worthing Borough Council in May 2003.

His hobbies include: cricket, reading and travelling.


"I was born in Guyana, South America, in October 1946. My parents were in business and I have two sisters and four brothers, who all live in Canada, America and East Africa.

After Jack and I married we emigrated to the UK and I have supported him throughout our married life.

I worked for, what was then, British Rail in the typing pool and for management. During my time with the Railways I was actively involved with raising funds for The Railways Homes at Woking.

I have four daughters, two are married, with two grand-daughters. My two younger daughters are still continuing their education, one at University in Cardiff and she is also an officer in the reserves of the RAF.

My youngest daughter is now taking her ‘A’ levels and will be going to university this year, hopefully.

I have been in business with Jack for some years running a Newsagents in Shoreham. I now run our Rest Home in Worthing and help Jack with his Post Office.

I have worked in the caring industry for over 19 years and gained considerable knowledge of caring for the elderly during my time with the Red Cross in the late 1970s. I enjoy my job caring for the elderly and I have found it to be rewarding." ..Lyla Saheid

From Worthing Brough Council


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