Guyana Diaspora

'89 percent of Guyana 's graduate population live and work in the 30 relatively rich countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) -"Fruit that falls far from the tree",
The Economist, 03 November 2005'

It is estimated that there are as many Guyanese living overseas as they are in Guyana
They are spread out far and wide to almost every country on the planet
This blog was created to chronicle the news and and stories of the Diaspora

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Medical Director

A native of Guyana, L. Abigail Pennington, M.D. is co-founder of the Pennington Institute for Health and Wellness. She began her career in patient care as a nurse in London , England . Dr. Pennington worked as an Internist in private practice for 25 years.

Dr. Abigail Pennington, (Dr. P, as she is fondly called) is a wise physician, acupuncturist and counselor. From early on, Dr. Pennington has taught her patients how certain behavioral choices offer freedom from disease and mental anguish, leading to the enrichment of their lives. She has worked for more than 25 years with all sorts of people, in every season of life and has uncovered and personally demonstrated hidden tactics for personal achievement.

A native of Guyana, Dr. Pennington began her career in patient care as a nurse in London, England. She later moved to the U.S. and her thirst for knowledge motivated her to enter medical school at the University of Nevada, Reno. She completed her training at The University of Colorado, Denver where she practiced for 11 years.

Dr. Pennington has worked as an Internist in private practice for 25 years. Besides primary care, she has also offered specialty services for elderly patients. In addition, she served as acting clinical director for the Alcohol and Drug Unit at the Georgia Mental Health Institute and treated those battling substance abuse and mental illness. When addressing addictions, Dr. P and her Treatment Team look into all aspects of the client's lifestyle and history to discover the root issues causing dis-ease or destructive behaviors. Dr. P's approach to addiction treatment is 'wholistic' - treating mind, body and spirit.

She received acupuncture training through the Lincoln Hospital in 1996 and for the last seven years she has coupled acupuncture with a counseling program that offers great success in relationship management, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, stress management, weight control and more.

Most recently she worked as a treatment provider for the Multiple Offenders DUI Risk Reduction Program for the State of Georgia. In addition, for the last ten years she has offered her medical expertise as a consultant for the Social Security Administration Disability Services.

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